How safe are our roads?

The roading network data held on this website has been developed as part of Safer Journeys, New Zealand’s road safety strategy to 2020. Urban KiwiRAP contributes to the Safe System goal of improving the safety of roads and roadsides to reduce the likelihood of crashes occurring and to minimise the consequences of crashes if they do occur. Urban KiwiRAP is supported by the Safer Journeys partners.

Urban KiwiRAP is a component of New Zealand’s KiwiRAP Programme, and is used to analyse the road safety risks of the Local Authority road networks.

The New Zealand Road Assessment Programme, KiwiRAP was introduced in 2008 on the State Highway Network. The programme is a partnership between the NZ Transport Agency, Ministry of Transport, Accident Compensation Corporation, NZ Police and the New Zealand Automobile Association.

KiwiRAP and Urban KiwiRAP are part of the global network of programmes under the umbrella of the international road assessment programme, iRAP. For more information on KiwiRAP and iRAP, visit

This is a live site to assist transport professionals in improving road safety across New Zealand. As more data is made available, it will be added to this website.

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Contact the particular local authority directly for information about their roading network

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